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Canadian Business Incorporation

If you're looking for financial assistance, GMM Capital LLC under the direction of Isaac Dabah invests in small businesses in the apparel and textile markets.



Why Factor?

If you have used a credit card then you have used factoring.

Factoring Receivables

Factoring is most often used for growth. Only very large corporations once used receivables financing and just the largest banks and financial institutions in the world provided the service. Until recently, only companies generating at least a million dollars of sales each month could qualify for this service. Because this service has not been available, until recently, to small and medium sized companies, businesses should see this a positive ability to secure receivables financing, not as a problem with cash flow.

Companies like Shell Oil, Georgia-Pacific, and IBM, to name just a few well-known companies, factor many millions of dollars each year. Certainly, we don’t view these companies as having “problems.” Factoring is most often used to expand and take on larger projects; not just for cash flow or payroll. It is a sign of growth.  

Many companies already deal with Factors but do not know it. Often, invoices directing payment to a P.O. Box is actually to a Factor. It may be surprising to learn that many businesses have already been exposed to Receivables Financing.

Not all factors are created equal! 

Most factoring companies specialize in certain industries or will not work in certain industries.  Determining which factor to approach can be time consuming.  FBI has a factoring company for almost any business.  

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Attorneys Incorporation Services

Attorneys Incorporation Service provides corporations with corporate kits for easy filing and LLC kits with articles of organization.

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