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For over 15 years FBI has been helping business with their funding needs.  Let us help you,

Where the Money Is 

There are many lenders who have money to lend to business.  However, you must have a viable business and show how they will be repaid. Dick Brown says in his article "Mastering Due Diligence":

"In the real world, an idea by itself is worth nothing -- zero, cero, nada, null, and zilch.  What investors want to hear is how this great idea will be successfully implemented.  Using a famous metaphor, let's assume you (a naïve entrepreneur) just become inspired with the fabled idea "to slice bread".  Think any angel will fund this idea? 

Further, most of the professional investors of the world are interested in making money, not starting new companies.  They have already done that and earned their many battle scars.  They know that being an investor is a lot easier than going back and becoming an entrepreneur again.  To steal your idea, means they have to implement it and go through all the aggravation all over again." 

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